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Price list

Listed are standard prices. For special requests (eg. freezing of heterozygous strains or bad breeders, or other customized services) additional costs will be charged.

 Type of service Price, DKK 
Electroporation of ES cells and picking of ~300 clones 18,000
ESC clone injection into morula or blastocyst (>30)* 18,000
ESC clone aggregation in morula (>50) 12,000
Pro-nuclear injection into zygote (>150) 24,000
In vitro fertilization 7200
Embryo freezing (>200 heterozygous embryos) 18,000
Sperm freezing (3 males) 6000
Embryo transfer (3-5 females) 6000
Mouse line rederivation 6000

*The ESC injection service include injection of up to two clones, if you choose to use the Core Facility’s  own ES cells otherwise the service only include injection of one clone.