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Price list

Listed at this page are standard prices. For special requests (eg. freezing of heterozygous strains or bad breeders, or other customized services) additional costs will be charged.

price list

Please don't hesitate to contact us at to discuss your project and receive a customized budget.

 Type of service Price, DKK 
Design and production of sgRNA (gene disruption KO) 12,000
Design and production of 2x sgRNAs (gene deletion KO) 15,000
Design and production of gRNA + oligo donor (point mutant KI) 15,000
Design and production of sgRNA + long ssDNA donor (longer KI) 18,000
Design and cloning of sgRNA + targeting vector (complex KI) 32,000
Electroporation of ES cells and picking of ~300 clones 18,000
ESC clone injection into morula or blastocyst (>30)* + transfer 18,000
ESC clone aggregation in morula (>50) + culture 12,000
Pro-nuclear injection into zygote (>150) 24,000
Design of genotyping strategy by PCR 6,000
ESC clone or pup screening 15,000
In vitro fertilization 7,200
Embryo freezing (>200 heterozygous embryos) 18,000
Sperm freezing (3 males) 6,000
Embryo transfer (3-5 females) 6,000
Mouse line rederivation 6,000
Combined rederivation + sperm freezing 9,600
Cell transplantation under the kidney capsule (5-6 mice) 7,000

*The ESC injection service include injection of up to two clones of the Core Facility's ES cell line or otherwise only one clone of any other foreign ES cell line. 

All-in-one package

With the addition of our molecular biology services, we now offer all-in-one package services (from design to F1 pups) to help you generate your new mouse models:

  • Constitutive knock-out mice from DKK 51,0000
  • Conditional knock-out and knock-in mice from DKK 66,000