ES Cell Injection – University of Copenhagen

ES Cell Injection

Injection of genetically modified embryonic stem cells into mouse blastocyst is the most widely used technique to generate gene-targeted mice such as knock-outs and knock-ins. Alternatively we also inject 8-cell morulae.

You can provide us with the mutated ES cell line or we can generate it by electroporation of your targeting vector (see ES cell electroporation). We also inject iPS cell lines and other cell types, if you work with those other in vitro models.

We will culture the cells for at least one passage prior to injecting them. In one session of injection, we inject 30-40 mouse embryos, and transfer them to pseudopregnant recipient females. The chimeric pups generated are handed over to the user after weaning for crossing and germ line transmission analysis.

By default, we use embryos of C57Bl/6N inbred genetic background and hosts for the injected cells, however other backgrounds can be considered upon request, according to the background of the ES cells.

If you would like to request this service, please fill out and send us the requisition form.

As this technique comprises the generation of a new genetically modified mouse line, the form includes information we need to gather in order to ask the Danish Authorities for the permission to generate this new line. Please note that you should ask for permission to maintain the line under your own license.