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DNA Injection

DNA injection in the pronuclei of the zygote is the classical and most simple way to achieve transgenic mice, where the exogenous DNA or transgene is inserted randomly into the genome.

DNA injectionWe inject both plasmid- and BAC-based transgenes, as well as RNA upon request.

You will provide us with the construct, amplified and digested (at least 10-20mg). We will take over the last step of purification and quantification, prior to injecting it. We will inject 100-150 mouse zygotes, and transfer them to pseudopregnant recipient females. The pups generated are handed over to the user after weaning for genotyping and expression analysis.

By default, we generate founders with C57Bl/6N inbred genetic background, however other backgrounds can be considered upon request.

If you would like to request this service, please fill out and send us the requisition form.

As this technique comprises the generation of a new genetically modified mouse line, the form includes information we need to gather in order to ask the Danish Authorities for the permission to generate this new line. Please note that you should ask for permission to maintain the line under your own license.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this technique or the requisition form.